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School Curriculum Statement


We try to make our curriculum as engaging, relevant and interesting as possible for all of our learners. From the moment the children enter the school in nursery or reception, we are trying to engage the children in to becoming lifelong learners and genuinely excited by learning.


Our curriculum is based around a focus on developing excellent literacy and numeracy skills so that pupils leave the school with the skills to tackle the next stage of their education.


This process starts in the early years with an immediate focus, which is carried through in to Key Stage 1, on developing good reading skills. We teach children to read through the teaching of synthetic phonics. We use the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme to systematically teach the children with the aim of giving them a strong grounding in reading. This is continued through the use of various reading schemes including 'Oxford Reading Tree'. 


One of our greatest challenges are the mixed age classes. We want to ensure that pupils are taught the appropriate objectives for their age regardless of which class they are in. Teachers work closely with each other to ensure the coverage is appropriate for all pupils. 


At the start of the academic year 2017/18 we discussed the wider curriculum and how we can ensure that pupils have good access to the skills and knowledge they need in 21st Britain. As such, we identified key areas which should be incorporated in to the curriculum provision. The areas are:


  1. Reflect/Celebrate the local community
  2. Ensure children understand diversity in society
  3. Prepare children for the world of work in the 21st Century
  4. Ensure children are encouraged to lead healthy lives
  5. Promote British Values
  6. Develop an interest in the arts
  7. Have the opportunity to take part in sporting activities
  8. Encourage children to be good citizens
  9. Ensure the children know how to keep themselves safe
  10. Enrich the curriculum/make school a great place to be
  11. Ensure children develop good character skills; eg kindness, determination, resilience, critical thinking


We keep parents informed of our curriculum provision through a termly class newsletter. For more details on our curriculum and what the children are learning, please see the class pages on this website.


Bringing learning to life