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At present, children who live in the outlying areas are brought to school using a minibus and a taxi. The map detailed in Secction 28 shows the extent of the school's catchment area which is used for calculating whether or not a child is entitled to free transport or not.


  1. Those living outside the catchment area can still send their children to the school providing there is sufficient space. However, if they wish to use the transport service they will have to pay a termly fee (and may only use the minibus/taxi provided there is room on it).


Children living within the catchment area are entitled to free transport according to the following scale.


  • All children who live over three miles from the school - free.


  • Children under eight who live over two miles from the school - free


  1. It means that once a child is eight, if they do not live more than three miles from the school, parents or carers will have to pay the termly charge.


The actual distances involved are usually measured by the LA. Parents and carers can appeal against decisions regarding these distances by writing to the Area Education Officer Any complaints regarding this service should also be made to the Area Education Officer, although the school would also like to be informed as well.


Please note that it is the responsibility of parents and carers to arrange for children to travel in safety between their home and the picking-up and setting-down points for school transport..

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