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Online safety

In this digital age in which we all live, it has never been more important to be safe online both at home and at school. Through out computing curriculum we ensure that online safety is an integral part of our school provision. We aim to teach children how to stay safe on the internet and how to successfully use this wonderful resource. We teach children from a young age how to avoid certain dangers and how to use, for example, social media, in a positive way. We do this is a supportive manner so as not to alarm the children while at the same time, making it clear that there are potential risks including the integrity of their personal information. We tackle cyber bullying and use key events such as Safer Internet Day to support children in using the internet safely.


We have an online safety designated teacher who is Mrs Ware. Should children or adults have any concerns then they should report it to her in the first instance.


Below are some of the key documents around online safety and some useful websites and resources to support keeping everyone safe inline.

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