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  1. Most children who leave the school at the age of eleven, transfer to Okehampton College. Okehampton College is a moderately large Comprehensive School with a range of excellent facilities all accommodated on one site. The College currently has a student population of approximately 1200 and caters for the 11 to 18 age range.
  2. Parents and carers of children approaching secondary transfer will receive a booklet from the LA early in the Autumn Term outlining the arrangements for secondary transfer. Parents/carers will be asked to indicate their choice of Secondary School at this stage. Okehampton College, in common with many other Secondary School, arranges an Open Evening for parents and children which also takes place in the Autumn Term. Details and dates of these evenings are given in the booklet mentioned above.
  3. There are very close links between Okehampton College and its feeder primary schools. Opportunities are extended to the children whereby they can experience an entire day at the College and staff from the College visit the Feeder Primary Schools to meet the children and parents. All of these events take place during the Summer Term. Particular attention is paid to children with Special Needs so that any possible disruption caused by the move to a new school can be reduced to a minimum.
  4. Despite most children from North Tawton and surrounding villages go to Okehampton College this is not to say that they have to go there. Parents have the right to choose the school they would like their child to attend and providing the school has room this should be no problem. However, it must be pointed out that free transport is only available for children attending Okehampton College. Parents selecting other schools may find they will be expected to pay for transport or be responsible for transporting their children themselves.

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