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For information on our school policies and Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust policies, please see our Policies page. (Link here)

School Uniform


We would like children to feel proud of their school and as a result we would like all the children to wear our school uniform as it helps to give a sense of identity. This policy is rigorously enforced in and a letter will be sent home if your child is not wearing correct uniform.


The school uniform is practically the same for girls and boys and includes;


A green sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo, grey or black trousers, black shoes, grey or white socks and a white or green polo shirt. The girls may prefer to wear a grey skirt or pinafore dress in the winter. Black, low-heeled boots may also be worn in Winter/adverse weather conditions.


In the summer, the girls can wear green and white check dresses and the all children can wear grey or black shorts. Green baseball caps with our school logo on are also available from the office.


The school keeps a stock of sweatshirts in various sizes and these can be obtained from the school office. New parents will receive a copy of the current uniform requirements with prices attached. Further copies are available from the office.


The PE kit is a white T shirt, black or navy shorts, white sports socks, and trainers or pumps. As we always have a box full of un-labelled school uniform, please ensure that all your child’s school uniform is labelled with his/her name.


All children have the opportunity to swim in our covered ‘Learner swimming pool’ in the Summer Term. This is 75cm deep and 12.5 metres long. For this they also require a swimming costume and hat. We would prefer these to be a one – piece swimsuit for girls and trunks or swimming shorts of a sensible length for boys. Swimming hats can be purchased from the school office.


Jewellery/Hair styles/Fashion


In the interests of safety, we do not allow children to wear jewellery in school. If ears have been pierced, studs may be worn. These should be removed/taped over before swimming. We encourage children to be independent individuals, however we request parents to consider the impact of fashion on their child’s learning and social development and ask parents to ensure their children do not wear inappropriate hairstyles or fashion items to school. Long hair should be tied back for both safety and hygiene reasons.

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