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  1. Government requires all schools to report their absence figures on a yearly basis. Parents will receive these details as part of their child’s end of year report. A more detailed breakdown is available from the office, on request.


All children should arrive in time for the start of the school at 9.00am but no earlier than 8.45am. After this time teaching staff are required to supervise children. From 8.45 a.m. they should go directly to their classrooms in order that a prompt start can be made at 9.00 a.m. .


Children are marked late when the register is closed at 9.05am and this will be marked as an unauthorised absence if the child arrives after 09.15am, unless a suitable explanation is given by the parent/carer. 

The afternoon sessions start at 1:20pm and end at 3:20pm.


As the School Curriculum is highly structured, we strongly urge parents to try and avoid taking children out of school during term, as children will not normally be able to catch up on missed work.


A system of penalty fines of £60 per child per adult is administered by the LA, for unauthorised absence. This is to try to deter parents from disrupting their children’s education by taking unauthorised days off in term time. Parents are legally bound by law to ensure that their child receives an education either from the state system, independent system or in certain circumstances at home.


The Governing Body has agreed that the school will not authorise any absence except in exceptional circumstances. This reflects the change in the law which was first implemented in September 2013.

Parental Request for Authorised Absence in Term Time

A parent must complete an Absence Request Form if it is considered that they require their child to be absent for school for exceptional circumstances, including medical appointments. This form is obtained from the school office or the website.


In cases where children are persistently late, or absent from school without any explanation from the parents, the school is able to enlist the support of Educational Welfare Officer (E.W.O) who will contact the parents. She may make a home visit to discuss reasons for persistent absence. In extreme cases, where the parent is unable to give a satisfactory reason for their child's absence, they may be taken to court and prosecuted for failing to ensure that their child is being educated.

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