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Adverse Weather



  1. In the event of wintry weather, the school will remain open unless there have been heavy falls of snow, severe icing of roads or there is a failure of the electricity supply. The latter will almost certainly mean closure since our heating system depends upon electricity. Shouldsuch an occurrence take place overnight or over a week-end, messages will be sent out to parents/carers via our school texting service and details placed on the ‘Ticker’ on the website. The school will also notify BBC Radio Devon so that you can make child care arrangements as early as possible.
  2. For some members of staff travelling to North Tawton, from outside the area, severe wintry weather may mean we cannot provide an adequate service for those children living in the town. With regard to school meals, we normally hold at least two days supply of food. After these two days have elapsed and if, due to road conditions, supplies are still unable to get through, then children would need to bring packed lunches or go home for lunch.
  3. In the event of severe wintry weather or the onset of severe icing of road surfaces, children on school transport will be sent home at the earliest possible opportunity. A child will not be sent home if we cannot establish that there is someone at home to meet him/her.
  4. If snow has fallen during the night or over the week end, the school buses may not be able to negotiate some or even all of the lanes and, therefore, will not be able to pick your children up. In such a case, should you consider using your own transport to bring them in, would you please also make arrangements to collect them at home-time, or sooner, if the weather should deteriorate.

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