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Willow Class 2018/2019


Hello everybody!


Welcome to our home page. We hope you find the following information useful but should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact a member of our class team via Class Dojo, the school office or by popping into see us.



Our class team consists of Mrs. Gina Dennis (teacher Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Hannah. Fee (Thursday/Friday).

We have Mrs. Diana Salter as our general Teaching Assistant, who will be with us every morning and Mrs. Elisabeth Prole and Mrs. Rachel Grant who will support a child on a 1:1 basis. We will also work closely alongside Mrs. Jo Ware in Hazel class (Year 4/5, next door).


We are very much looking forwards to a positive year whilst in Willow and we hope the children enjoy their time with us. To make this time as enjoyable as possible please do your best to help them by becoming independent in the mornings and supporting them with their learning at home such as reading together, spending quality time together and talking about their school day.



What are we doing?

 Our class topic for this term is 'What did the Romans do for us?' and will therefore be history based,  with links to the wider curriculum where possible. Examples of this will be found on the class topic web that will be sent home but is also attached below.

Our English lessons will link where possible to the topic. Mrs Dennis will teach her own text with her own English books and Mrs Fee will have her own text and books too.


Our Maths lessons will follow the White Rose Maths curriculum and we have four units of work to get through before Easter. We will start with Number: Multiplication and Division, then Measurement: Length, Perimeter and Area , then Number: Fractions and finally Fractions for Year 3 and Decimals for Year 4.  

Guided Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar will take place daily. Each day there will be a different guided reading group, a follow up activity and a range of reading comprehension activities. Spellings will also be sent home weekly too to test on  a Friday.

 PE lessons will take place on Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child has their PE kit at all times.


Home learning:

Following on from parent/carer feedback we are trialling a new system.

We will send home a home learning grid with a selctions of tasks to choose from linked to our current topic. We will expect a good quality piece of home learning every two weeks. Spellings, reading and times tables will be an expectation every week. We will be keeping a clear system of children who regularly complete tasks on time and there will be a special reward at the end of the term.



This term, we are focusing on developing good reading habits — it is essential that children spend time every day reading for pleasure and discussing what they have read. We hope you will support in us in this by listening to your child read regularly. Please continue to make a note of this in their reading diaries for our records. We will incorporate regular visits to the school library and children will be expected to read quietly during afternoon registration. All children will need to bring their reading books and homework diaries into class and keep them in trays at all times. There will be a greater focus on reading more challenging, lengthier books. We will also share a 'class reader' together every day, enjoying reading as a class and celebrating success with it.



Could we remind all parents and carers to support us in dropping off and saying goodbye to their children at the door to the cloakrooms. We are expecting all children to be able to sort their belongings, hang their own items up, know what they are having for lunch, do their own dinner tickets and hand in their home learning or change their reading books independently. They can do this on their own and we would really appreciate your support encouraging this. This promotes independence, problem solving, positive attitudes to leanring and resilience. Thank you in advance.


Thank you for your support and best wishes for this year.

Gina Dennis and Hannah Fee

Our Autumn Term Topic Web

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