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    Year 6's, we will miss you lots, but will hopefully see you around!!! Good luck in college, and have a good time-whatever you decide to do!!!!





May 2017



On Tuesday the 27th of April, a lady from the NFER came in.  All the year 6's had to do all 3 maths test in ONE morning!! Luckily, they did get breaks after each test!!


The lady did them as if they were real SATs, so if you talked, you would get sent out!!


There was one arithmetic (just calculations,) and two reasoning tests (word problems.)


 All the year 6's got excellent results!!


Well done year 6's!!! no




Red Nose Day


On Friday the 24th of March, it was red nose day!! 


The office was selling red noses, so everyone had a chance to buy one. We were allowed to dress up in red.


The day before-Thursday 23rd of March- we watched a video, that told us what red nose day is for. 


We had to bring in a pound, for donation, that will go towards the charity.


The book fair.


Our book fair came on 23rd of February, and left on the 28th of February. 

   We managed to raise £518!! We get to have 20% of that money, to buy new books for our school!! That is £103.6!!  


      frown We'd like to say thank you to FONTS for setting the book fair up for us!frown







On the 2nd of March, we had netball and football matches. We played against Dartmoor Federation.



Netball A: 3-0 to Dartmoor Federation

Netball B: 3-0 to us


Football A: 4-0 to us

Football B: 5-1 to Dartmoor Federation

    Well done, you all played well!!




Dartmoor Federation B VS North Tawton B (Foot ball)


Dartmoor Federation took the first kick of, scoring an amazing goal. They followed this up, with further great play, scoring 4 more goals.


Half time came, and Dartmoor Federation with 5-0.

After half time, team talk and tactic changes, North Tawton felt like a different team. Kacey kicked the ball straight down the pitch, the ball hitting the post, and Joseph scored, as the ball slipped in. Despite other efforts, no more goals were scored.


5-1 to Dartmoor Federation. Well played team!smiley


Dartmoor Federation A VS North Tawton A


A nice early start from North Tawton saw a quick goal from Noah just before half time, George put a shot through the whole of Dartmoor Federations defence, and into the bottom corner. 


Half time. North Tawton 2, Dartmoor Federation 0. 


6 minutes into the second half, George skillfully played a good ball down the line to Liam, who put a great shot.

1 more goal was scored after this.


Full time. North Tawton 4 Dartmoor Federation 0. 


         Well done team!!smiley



First Quarter.


Dartmoor Federation started the game, they passed the ball towards our hoop. We tried to intercept the ball, but they were too quick, and scored. After good play, Dartmoor Federation scored again. 2-0.


Second Quarter.


Grace took the centre pass, there were some good passing from both teams. The quarter went on, yet no one scored. 2-0.


Third Quarter.


Dartmoor Federation took the centre pass. We intercepted and went down to the hoop, but unfortunately didn't score. 2-0. 


Forth Quarter.


We took the centre pass. We had a great time, but nobody scored. 2-0. 


Well done team!!no


World book day.

On Thursday 2nd March, was World book day!


Everyone dressed up as people from books! Some common costumes included; Hetty Feather and Harry Potter.

All the costumes were GREAT!!!


In the morning, we had a costume parade, to show of our costumes to everyone else in the school!


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