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Good Morning Chestnut Class! I hope you have a wonderful snowy day today :)
Here are some activities you may wish to complete at home.
1. Reading.
2. IXL- Please focus on the addition and subtraction sections as this is what we have been working on in class.
3. Writing-
* Can you write a set of instructions to explain how to make a snow angel?
* Can you find out and share any interesting facts about snow?
4. Art- Can you make a sculpture using natural resources? Think about our learning last week.
5. Science- Can you make a list of animals which are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores which live in cold/ snowy parts of the world?
Miss Hill :)

Chestnut Class' Outdoor Learning

Chestnut Class' Outdoor Learning 1

Chestnut Class have been really enjoying using the outdoor areas of our school in our Autumn Term learning. We have been investigating autumn, the changing season, water and weather. 


Thank you to parents for sending wellies and waterproofs into school. We have been using them regularly and this has allowed us to make use of our wonderful school grounds. 


Welcome to Chestnut Class!

Chestnut Class is the Year 1 Class at North Tawton Community Primary School. The children are taught by Miss Hill and supported in their learning by Debbie Stoneman.


If you would like to support your child at home, then why not try using Phonics Play or Oxford Owl? These websites have some helpful information for parents and some great games to play at home.

Please fill in your details and request/comments below and someone in Chestnut Class will contact you shortly

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